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Media Magic

a boutique multimedia design group

Digital media to make life better, easier, smarter
  • Creator of intellectual properties, including high-concept scripts for major Hollywood producers
  • Publisher of 140+ digital magazines
  • Multiple book series in development
  • Producing original apps, books, videos, helpful databases
  • Developing new types of evolving media
  • Merchandising - original designs

Verna Lane

Verna Lane is a storyteller with a rock 'n' roll soul and a zen state of mind. A dynamic, life-long business woman and writer; she is currently developing a light-hearted mystical dramedy set in the South of France. 1-hour pilot script available soon. Established production partners desired.

Entrepreneur since 1991
Woman of the Year 1996


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Wisertree is a not-for-profit network of free digital products. We are dedicated to sharing information that guides people through life.


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